rainbow soup

in my colombian mother-in-law's home, there is always soup on the table for lunch. served with rice and a colorful salad, a simple soup is always where lunch begins. her mother did the same, perhaps because a large pot of soup was the easiest and most economical way to feed her twelve children (that's right, twelve!) or perhaps because a hot bowl of soup just feels so good.

this rainbow soup is what happens when you set out to make sopa de cuantuay, spanish for whatever's there soup... or in other words, soup of whatever is left in the fridge so there need not be any last minute supermarket runs to source ingredients for lunch!

it starts with a big pot of boiling water. add a whole stalk of green onion, a few cloves of minced garlic, and a generous sprinkle of both salt and goya adobo (a garlic salt that serves as a key ingredient in latino cooking).

next, you have the choice to deepen your broth by adding a piece of chicken (as my mom-in-law does) or just keeping it veg. i like to use a good bouillon to round out the flavor in a vegetarian broth so for this i used better than bouillon organic vegetable base.

once your water is boiling and you've got a good tasty stock going, throw in whatever you've got hiding in the kitchen cabinets and taking up space in the fridge. today i used...

a few stalks of celery celery
a few carrots
a handful of purple potatoes
two or three tomatoes
half an acorn squash
a cup or so of red split lentils
a couple leftover chipotle pepper in adobo sauce
a few bay leaves
a handful of penne shaped rice noodles (an exciting discovery at the asian market!)

don't be scared! anything is fair game and will only make your pot of soup more wonderful. just chop it all up and toss it in.

boil until all the veggies are softened but still structured and bright in color. remove from heat and top with a generous heap of green onions and cilantro, both finely chopped. this last step is crucial as it adds such a burst of flavor.

serve hot with a squeeze of lime, a drizzle of good olive oil and a side of rice. or skip the rice and help yourself to another bowl of the goodness that results when you make something out of (almost) nothing.

a trio of summer salads at Mint

i'm delighted to share with you a guest post i did for Mint Design Blog this week. mint is a lovely journal of all things design - from food and fashion to home and travel, mint serves up inspiration daily. the blog's creator and editor, ellie snow, is also a mama-to-be so mint is the home of some sweet finds for baby. check it out yourself and be sure to bring one of green tea and kimchi's summer salads to the first BBQs of the season! enjoy!

simple beauty

i've always been a low maintenance gal and, with a new baby in the house, it's easy to become a no-maintenance mama. but looking good is essential to feeling good so i've had to make the time in my day to take care of myself so i can feel beautiful while i take care of my little guy. i'm not talking about putting on a face full of makeup and breaking out the heels. i simply want to highlight the natural beauty that motherhood brings. 

the key to the au natural look is healthy skin. once that's achieved, you just need a few extra things to get that glow. here are a few tips from my daily routine...

cleanser | i use an oil cleanser made by a local soapmaker. it's a jojoba and olive oil base blended with essential oils and it smells wonderful. if the idea of putting oil on your face scares you, read about the oil cleansing method and try it! trust me, you will be more than satisfied with the results. i also sometimes use an unscented glycerine soap so, if your skin is on the oilier side, try that. i only wash my face at night to take off my makeup and any dirt accumulated throughout the day. in the morning, just splash with water.

hydration | the one thing i don't go without! i use apricot or avocado oil in the colder months when my skin is dry, coconut oil if my skin is oily. try a few different oils and see which one your skin likes best. hydrate morning and night. 

under eye concealer | i use this every day to brighten my complexion and look refreshed. it makes such a big difference. all you need is a dab under your eyes and i usually put a bit on the corners under my nose to even out the redness. i like Ecco Bella's concealers. they're nice and creamy... and organic.

mascara | the one cosmetic most makeup artists won't walk out of the house without. i'm usually too lazy to put it on but it makes a huge difference. i always get told i look tired without it! Maybelline Great Lash is the classic favorite.

tinted moisturizer | it's not an essential but a nice luxury item once in a while for a special occasion. if you're feeling like your skin looks a little blah, this is great because it gives you an even and glowing skin tone with a clean, makeup-free look. i've always used Laura Mercier. it's a bit pricey but it's one of the best and a little goes a long way.

it's as simple as that... and of course, finding the time to take a shower and get out of your pajamas. seriously, these things are not so easy in the early months! but it's all part of being a mama and there's no reason not to be the loveliest one you can be :)




it's been a whirlwind month... adjusting to life as a mother and packing our old life into four suitcases and a handful of boxes to move across the world so joa could meet his family. it was the warmest of homecomings and the little boy is loving all the attention.

thanks to my talented cousin and friend, jessica, we have these snapshots of our first days in the states - a reminder that, despite a hectic (and sometimes tiring) schedule of airport transfers, daily visitors and multiple middle of the night feedings, life is so very beautiful.

Joa from Jessica Karshner on Vimeo.


just a short week ago, we welcomed our baby boy, Joa, into the world. he was born at home, in our bed, where we've spent most of these last days napping, snuggling, and becoming a family.

since his arrival, Joa has shown us so many new faces. he learned how to communicate that he's hungry and i learned to understand his language. he bacame a US citizen and applied for his very first passport (a citizen of the world already!). he gazes at us with his big blue eyes, telling us he knows us. he made our lives complete.

welcome to this big, beautiful world, my son. there are so many things we can't wait to show you and so many people who can't wait to love you!

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